Classes will be by age group (4-6 yrs, 7-12 yrs)

  • concentration

  • body language for communication in Acting

  • imagination for Acting

  • observation skills to learn human behaviour

  • know more about themselves 

  • preparation for higher levels


12+ (Level 1)

    To be a professional actor/actress, we all have to learn and be equipped with all

kinds of basics and tools in the most efficient way we can through our mind and body.

    In this course, students will learn what they can do with their bodies including

personal limitations. How to express all kinds of feelings, the given characters

might have through our body efficiently.

    At the end of the class, students will also be taught how to prepare his/ her profile.

We will provide one for each student at the end of the course for free. (Students have

to fulfill required hours)

12+ (Level 2)

    This is for students who passed level 1 or have experienced in acting before.

There will be all kinds of techniques, activities and preparation on casting in the real world.

    At the end of the class, there will be a guest (director or producer) to provide a

real world casting situation for every students.


12+ (Level 3)

    This is about a practical experience in doing shows (TV or stage). Students will

experience the process of real world production: preparation, script study, understanding

characters, acting techniques for TV & stage.

    Students will gain more confidence by practically going through the same process

as professionals do in the real world.


12+ (Level 4)

    An advance course for experienced students to learn the advanced techniques

in more complicated situations, scripts, characters behaviors. There will again be a professional guest (director/ producer) to help analyze and give valuable opinions.


Drama (7-12 yrs old, 12 yrs old+)

  • Grade 1-9 

  • Communication, Concentration, Imagination, etc


Personality (7-12 yrs old, 12 yrs old+)

  • Grade 1-6

  • Attitude, Communication, Image, Manners, Social etc


Public Speaking (7-12 yrs old, 12 yrs old+)

  • Grade 1-9

  • Attitude, Communication, Confidence, Pronunciation, etc

  • MC, News anchor, Talk show hosts, etc

*In groups of at least 4 students

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